Drowning Isn't the Best Solution

Freyja Griffin one day realized that she was born to die. But then, everyone else is too. So she decided to make do with her life

Monday, July 13, 2009

Breaking the Myth

It was always too dark outside
too somber inside
sometimes it's hot and humid
sometimes it's cool and dry
sometimes none of these matters

There was a tinge of vanilla in the air once
of clove from the cigarette that burned in the ashtray on the table beside the bed
of fabric softener
of the sun on his hair
of the dampness on his skin

There was the sound of his breathing, slow and deep in sleep
the sound of my heart beating, a little bit too fast without warning
the faint pulse at the nook on the side of his neck between his jawline and shoulder where I perched my head contentedly
the quiet music at the background we never bothered to register the lyrics
or the singers the bands whatever
or the fact that we subconsciously wiggled our feet to the beat

It's always been a quest to beat the myth
to break it into shards and pieces and sweep them off with a dustpan to the dustbin
These array of boundaries broken to reveal more boundaries beyond it
Yes, my quests, and I think I often win
for a while,
before he quit
and I moved on to another quest

Now it's always too bright outside
too warm inside
Sometimes it's about being too cheerful and happy
Sometimes it's about being quite normal and soppy
You should know all small detail does matter

The myth I am about to break
is me