Drowning Isn't the Best Solution

Freyja Griffin one day realized that she was born to die. But then, everyone else is too. So she decided to make do with her life

Friday, October 19, 2007


I found myself in an impeccably exotic and utteredly romantic dispositions last weekend. Or rather, He found his ways with me. I couldn't tell.

We weren't trying to rekindle any old flames, there weren't any to begin with at the first place. We had a walk on our first chance together, which was surprisingly serene. Soft whispers in a dimly lit room on the next chance, nothing naughty there.

Soon after the last chance, he sat at the end of my bed blowing ribbons of smoke as I traced the gleaming black dragon at the base of his neck with my fingers. A formidable celtic dragon, second of the more to come. He knows I want to see my name. We both know I was joking. We were talking about nothing important or particular. Some were actually quite funny. We didn't share a cigarette like before.

I noticed something different but couldn't quite put my finger on it. I didn't even asked him like I normally would do. Perhaps it's because of his kisses, unusually deep. Maybe it's me, quite oddly detached; wary, observant.

Before we said goodbye I let him put his arms around my waist as he let me put my arms around his neck. I was looking into his eyes, wondering what he saw in mine. Perhaps he was wondering what I saw in his.

I told Sarah about it this morning. And of course,

"You are too romantic, I don't know how you maintained to stay alive for so long."

Is it so wrong, Sarah?

"No, it's not wrong. It's just so bloody impractical. I really can't figure out how you survived all these years and stayed alive."

I wonder too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This time it took 5 days to partially conclude several years of processes, etching an addium line on the circles of life.
Another cycle another step,
still a long way to the end.
This time, as always, I'm grateful I have my friends.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Where to?
My place at two
And we can do anything we want to do"
--Craig David

Under the dim light we meet
Lift my face,
as we start to dance the ancient dance
of men and women since the ancient time

Restless 2

rappatap tap tap
rumpathump thump thump
but nothing excites your heart


If I can choose to forget, I will forget this day