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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Best Remedy

Wednesday is Wotan, or Odin's day.
Somehow something related to knowledge or enlightenment often happened to me on Wednesdays compared to the other days of the week.
Friday is my favorite day. It's the shortest longest day before weekend. The strange paradox of this day is exhilarating.
I hate Saturdays because usually I feel so alone.
Sundays are worse because suddenly the weekend is going to be over and a new week will start.
Monday is by now a monster, fed by so many bad thinking of Oh-How-I-Hate-Mondays.
Tuesday, I think, has that middle-child syndrome. Of being there but not really being there. Never really gets noticed by people who fusses more on Monday and Saturday and Sunday.
Thursday is the strong and silent type, because people who pretend to be procrastinator, but actually knows a great deal more of better, will actually run errands on Thursdays. Because Thursday is Thor's day. You can almost always count on Thor.

"So what do we do now?" You asked as we sat feet on thighs underneath the kitchen table.
I think I will bring Tuesday a bowl of soup, sit with her and talk about what people should think about the months of the year.



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