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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Warm Like Chocolate

Can't concentrate
Really awkward today
Like trying to pick soybeans one by one using chopstiks-awkward.

Like trying-to-pinch-soybeans-using-chopsticks-one by one-after-drinking-too-much-caffeine-awkward.

Kicked something last week. I forgot what. My toe nail remembers, I bet. Didn't notice but now I saw. It's not coming off anytime soon so I can't be bothered. Give the toe nail a chance!

I remembered I had it bronze two months a go. Looked good with the tan.

I hate my tan now. It's never coming off!
Good, right? Wrong, bad!

Standing nude in front of my mirror makes me want to pack some stuffs, don't forget my wallet and run away to find me some beach I can sink my toe nails into.

It hasn't rained properly lately, so that's... it depends on the point of view really. But I rather it rained only just lightly, throughout the day.

I chatted with him today
Will not complain
I miss kissing him
Does he miss kissing me?

a cup of hot chocolate stolen from here


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